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How to fit a life jacket correctly

Many people assume that simply wearing a life jacket or another personal flotation device is enough to provide adequate safety while enjoying activities on the water. But just as important as wearing the PFD is that it fit properly.
Selecting a life jacket is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. Nor are all life jackets


When a headache might be more

Headaches are a common occurrence and may result from a host of factors, including changing weather, stress and fatigue. Headaches may be classified as tension headaches or symptomatic of sinus congestion. Migraine headaches are a type of headache that can affect vision and may be accompanied by other symptoms, such as sensitivity to light and sound.


Protect the environment with safe boating

Recreational boating reaches its peak when the weather warms up and people take to waterways in droves. Spending a day on the water enjoying the scenery or trying your luck at fishing are popular pastimes.
Following proper boating practices and etiquette can protect everyone onboard. Although ensuring passenger safety should be a priority, safeguarding against environmental impacts while boating also should be a concern.


Tips for travelers considering a cruise

Cruises are a popular vacation option that appeal to travelers for a number of reasons. When on a cruise, vacationers typically get to see numerous cities in various countries while spending their nights aboard luxurious ships that cater to their every need.


Practice Boating Safety During July 4th Celebrations

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) reminds all boaters of the three C's of boating safety as we approach the July 4th holiday.
Boaters should use "caution" when operating their vessel, be "courteous" to other boaters on the water, and use "common sense" on the water.


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