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FYI's User Editorial

Hey everybody, let’s get hurt: The Marshall University Women’s Rugby Championship game.

My friend Shea Wolford plays on the Marshall University Women’s Rugby team. She invited me...

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My cat, Mr. Pickles, objects!

Congratulations on Huntington for winning the dog park. I think it is really great how the commun...

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I predict Marshall’s football season: Am I Nostradamus long lost very distant grandson?

  My prediction will be apart of the public domain, so if I’m wrong I will look like a...

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Are these people your co-workers?

  We all have co-workers that annoy us. It is just a reality of the work place. While th...

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Local Artist Makes Music Video Promoting Pullman Square

Local Producer Mike Crawford aka "Mr Mike" has brought a beat of an old clasice with a new s...

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Siri the voice of the new iPhone 4S "Hip Hop Song/Video"

Local Music Producer Mike Crawford aka Mr Mike, recently purchased the new iPhone 4s an...

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