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Tips for safer renovations

Home renovation projects vary in scope. Something as simple as repainting a bedroom counts as a renovation project, as does a full kitchen remodel. But no matter how big or small a project, homeowners' top priority should always be safety.


Begin planning kids' summer recreation now

Many families spend winter figuring out how to chase away cabin fever and endure frigid temperatures until spring and summer mercifully return. Parents thinking ahead to swimming pools and days lounging on the beach can put their daydreams to practical use by planning ahead for their youngsters' summer vacations.


Spruce Up Your Kitchen for Healthy Cooking

Looking for innovative ways to make your goal of getting healthier this year stick? Try sprucing up your kitchen so that you're inspired to lighten up your cooking and eating habits.

The last months of winter are a great time to prepare, both


How to Make Financial Cutbacks

For the thousands of people who have succumbed to economic woes, adjusting financial strategies has become a necessity. Downsizing financially could be the key to staying afloat or a temporary measure that helps individuals make it through the economic rough patches.


Say 'so long' to high utility bills

Utility bills are among the largest expenses homeowners have each month. Trimming utility bills can not only benefit homeowners' bottom lines, but also be prove beneficial for the environment.


Moving Daylight

Windows are a great way to bring light into the home, but unfortunately walls and doors often stop that light from moving throughout the house. To continue daylight's natural flow in the home, designer Sherry Mitchell, IIDA, recommends incorporating acrylic block panels, door inserts and partition walls throughout rooms in the house.


Say 'I Do' to Beautiful Color

"Gems are the flowers of the mineral kingdom and the fancy colored diamond is the orchid." -- Rene Just Hauey, crystallographer
Engagements, weddings, anniversaries -- these are the moments in our lives that make up so many of our strongest memories. Part of the reason these special occasions are so memorable is due to the lengths we go to set them apart from others -- including the traditions and gifts used to mark the events.


How to fit a life jacket correctly

Many people assume that simply wearing a life jacket or another personal flotation device is enough to provide adequate safety while enjoying activities on the water. But just as important as wearing the PFD is that it fit properly.
Selecting a life jacket is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. Nor are all life jackets


Desiccant not so dangerous

Parents fret over many of the items kids come into contact with, particularly small objects that can present choking hazards or items that may be poisonous. One common thing that often turns up in a home are packets of silica gel.
Silica gel is a desiccant, which means it is designed to draw moisture