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New School Year, New Freshman Clichés

As I am now coming up on my final year in college, I keep finding myself recollecting on the many things that I have learned thus far, not only in class, but also interacting with my peers whether it be: at a sporting event, at a party, or maybe just an event on campus. There are many things I wish people would have told me before coming to college like, “Don’t carry a map of campus around with you to each class,” people can definitely tell you’re a freshman, or “You don’t have to try so hard to fit in.” College has given 


Join the John Clark Oil Team

John Clark Oil is looking for part-time employees at their 70 locations. They are offering good-paying, part-time employment with flexible schedules for clerks, and are searching for great people to join their team. These positions are perfect for high school and college students, as well as retirees. 


The Importance of Buying Local

A component of a flourishing economy in smaller communities is the premise of shopping local. When consumers buy from local businesses twice the money will stay in a community's economy. Never has this been more evident than in downtown Huntington WV.


Common Sense? I’m too Smart for that! Life, Leadership, and Money

Ever try to rationalize a really stupid decision your about to make? “I know those shoes are $200 but I play ball every day so I’ll get good use out of them.” “My test is in a week so why start now? I’ve got plenty of time to get ready.” “I heard that if you have an apple at lunch then 4 Big Mac’s at dinner really isn’t a big deal.” Ah yes, the beauty of rationalization. The more I get into the realm of leadership and life the more I realize just how simple success is.


What Does the New Health Care Law Mean to Me?

Sonia Dent RN, MSN, MBA

Certainly by today you have been have seen on the news, read something in print, or been involved in a conversation with someone discussing the controversial enacted health care law. And the constant question on everyone’s mind is, “How is this law going to affect me?” Whether you are a child, senior, business or healthcare provider, this law touches every American. Some changes take place immediately while others will be put into place over the next few years.