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Women and their pets

Pets are beloved by women, men and children alike. But research indicates that pets may play a special role in the lives of female pet owners.
A study by UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine uncovered a psychological component to the relationship between women and their pets. Pets act as 


Can pets feel love?

Scientific evidence would have you believe that only human beings are capable of complex feelings that include love and hate. However, talk to any dog or cat owner and chances are they'll say that they love their pets and receive equal love in return.
Distinctive areas of the brain light up on MRIs when humans are shown someone they love.


How to prepare for holiday pet boarding

The holiday season is a time when many family and friends come together. If you'll be going home for the holidays, that trip may or may not include the family pet.
For people with a pet at home, it might not always be possible to bring the pet along during holiday excursions.


Safety Precautions for Pets During the Winter

The winter can be a dangerous time of year for people and pets alike. It is important to take safety precautions to keep everyone safe when the temperature drops.
Icy, snowy conditions and plummeting temperatures present a number of hazards for animals, particularly pets that live outside or take daily walks out in the cold. Treatments that people apply to melt snow and ice can also be hazardous to animals who sniff at and walk over chemicals.


Put pep in your pet's step

It's clear that we all want what is best for our pets. The big question is: do we really know what best means when it comes to feeding them?