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How to Make Financial Cutbacks

For the thousands of people who have succumbed to economic woes, adjusting financial strategies has become a necessity. Downsizing financially could be the key to staying afloat or a temporary measure that helps individuals make it through the economic rough patches.


Frugal ways to celebrate Valentine's Day

A day set aside to shower a loved one with gifts and touching words of affection, Valentine's Day brightens the often gloomy month of February. Established centuries ago with origins shrouded in mystery, Valentine's Day has evolved into one of the most popular - and expensive - days of the year. 


Revitalize your wardrobe on a budget

Clothing styles change on a whim according to what trend forecasters see as the "it" items of the season. People looking to keep abreast of certain styles or just maintain a fresh supply of different wardrobe options may find that replenishing a closet can be an expensive venture. But it doesn't have to be.
Those without a set budget may be able to afford monthly shopping trips to add new pieces to a wardrobe.


How to save money on your next car

A century ago, cars were luxuries. Nowadays, cars are necessities that few people can do without. In many cases, there are two or more vehicles per household.

Purchasing a new car can be a stressful process. Individuals don't want to overspend, and dealers hope to get the most money. Finding that balance typically takes a little negotiating, a process many people dread.


Negotiating a salary increase

For most of today's workers, simply having a job is something to be grateful for. With an unemployment rate still hovering around nine percent in the U.S. and roughly 7.6 percent in Canada and the United Kingdom, it's hard to question workers who are simply content to be among the gainfully employed.

For some, however, the need to start gaining more is growing. In the past, yearly salary increases were normal. However, in recent years salaries have begun to flatline, at least for lower- or middle-income workers. A study commissioned by and published in The New York Times earlier this year found that the median pay for top executives at the country's largest companies in