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How to close up a fireplace for the season

A roaring fireplace on a chilly day provides a welcome, aesthetically appealing respite from the cold.


How to cool your home without breaking the bank

Mother Nature is consistently inconsistent these days, when 30-degree Mondays might be followed by 60-degree Tuesdays. Fickle weather is often accompanied by large fluctuations in temperature, strong storms and unseasonable conditions, making it difficult for homeowners to maintain comfort levels in their homes.


Helpful hints for mattress shoppers

When the time comes to buy a new mattress, consumers typically exercise due diligence, knowing full well that a bad decision could have lasting effects and lead to many sleepless nights. While shopping for a mattress, consumers can find themselves inundated with information, which can be confusing and make the process much more difficult. However, the following are a few helpful hints consumers should consider to make the process go more smoothly.


Three top tips if you are feeling a draft

At this time of year, those little air leaks around our home can feel like a mighty wind. Experts agree, however, that it is possible to add more comfort and energy savings to your home by:


Make your home safer for kids

According to the Home Safety Council, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing home injuries, half of the children who die before their first birthday die from choking or suffocation. Many times such tragedies can be averted.
Parents of very young children can and should take it upon themselves to safeguard their youngsters from various choking and suffocation hazards around the house. The Home Safety Council offers the following tips to parents hoping to do just that.