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How civilians can lend military families a helping hand

The efforts of men and women in the military is something everyone, be it fellow military personnel or civilians, can appreciate. In an effort to protect their country and stabilize other countries, service members make many sacrifices, including leaving their families for long periods of time.
As a result, life is not always easy for military families. Husbands and wives miss their spouses and children miss their parents. In addition, military 


Fight the Thanksgiving Day Bulge

Every year families and friends gather around the table to celebrate and give thanks for the bounty of the year. They also tend to consume 3,000 to 4,500 calories per person. Should giving thanks be about gluttony?
Many people are interested in lower-fat, lower-calorie options for Thanksgiving meals that don't take away from the traditions of the holiday. It's possible to cook and serve foods that are healthier and offer the spirit of 


Trick-or-treat safely

As thousands of children prepare to embark on their trick-or-treating jaunts in neighborhoods near and far, it is best to once again revisit safety tips that can help ensure this Halloween is enjoyable and injury-free.


The traditions of Halloween

October 31st is nearly here, and soon the streets will be filled with costumed revelers eager to get their share of the free-flowing candy and other prizes. Year after year, trick-or-treaters don their costumes and parade from home to home. But have you ever wondered where this and other traditions began?


Customary Halloween foods

Halloween is a season of colors, from the orange pumpkins sitting on doorsteps to the purple and black bats hung from windows. However, Halloween also is known for its culinary delights, particularly the sweet treats that are served at parties or handed out to trick-or-treaters.