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Jewelry buyers' guide

You can't buy love, but on Valentine's Day those in love certainly like to treat the special people in their lives to some lavish tokens of affection. According to the National Retail Federation's Valentine's Day Consumer Spending Survey, Americans spend an estimated $19 billion on gifts, flowers, dinners, and more come Valentine's Day.


Valentine's Day flowers can go beyond roses

Valentine's Day is a great day for florists. According to the National Retail Federation, Valentine's Day is the No. 1 holiday for florists, as 40 percent of the holiday's dollar volume goes toward the purchase of fresh flowers.


Give Kids the Gift of Going Green This Holiday Season

Few movements in the 21st century have proven as popular as the "Go Green" movement. An effort to live with a more eco-conscious mindset, the Go Green movement has found entree into all aspects of life, be it the foods we eat, the cars we drive or the products we buy.
With the holiday season upon us, parents can use the holiday season as an avenue to impart an eco-conscious mindset on their children. Creativity for Kids, a global manufacturer and distributer with a goal toward inspiring kids to


Turn Ho-Hum Holiday Greetings Into Ho, Ho, Hot Stuff

Holiday greetings are an annual tradition. The average person will mail out 28 cards to family and friends. Setting greetings apart from others with a personalized photo can make the holidays that much more unique.
Instead of sending the same, mass-produced boxed greeting card to everyone on a mailing list, individuals looking for a personalized way to say, "Happy Holidays" can keep in touch


Vintage T-Shirts Gain New Life as Unique Holiday Gifts

That sports jersey from sophomore year of high school has seen better days, but you can't seem to part with it even now. What about that hair band concert T-shirt you're too embarrassed to admit is still tucked in the back of your closet?