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Romantic poetry fitting for Valentine's Day

Traditionalists who want to commemorate Valentine's Day in the most romantic way possible may want to harken back to the days when poetry was the primary way lovers expressed their affection for each other.


7 Facts About the Human Heart

The heart is one of the essential components of human life. It was once also believed to be the center from where love and other emotions emanated. Many feel a heart can break and that it can know no bounds of love. Dr. Seuss' "The Grinch" was said to be nasty because his heart was "two sizes too small." 


Dig into some groundhog trivia

Each February, thousands of people gather at locations across the country to watch a hairy animal pop out of a hole and predict the weather. Although most people know that there is no actual way a groundhog can be a weather prognosticator, what a groundhog actually is and does might not be so obvious.


Chiropractic treatments can help relieve pain

Anyone who has ever suffered back pain, whether that pain is mild, moderate or severe, understands just how unpleasant it can be. Back pain can make life extremely difficult, affecting everything a person does, including performance at work, time spent with the kids or even sleeping at night.


Women and their pets

Pets are beloved by women, men and children alike. But research indicates that pets may play a special role in the lives of female pet owners.
A study by UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine uncovered a psychological component to the relationship between women and their pets. Pets act as