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Spruce Up Your Kitchen for Healthy Cooking

Looking for innovative ways to make your goal of getting healthier this year stick? Try sprucing up your kitchen so that you're inspired to lighten up your cooking and eating habits.

The last months of winter are a great time to prepare, both


Handling Valentine's Day when you have diabetes

Celebrating a holiday can be challenging for those with diabetes, as sweet treats are a part of many holiday celebrations. Come Valentine's Day, chocolates, candy and rich desserts can often be found on the menu, which can prove problematic for those who have to watch their blood-glucose levels.


Score Big With Guests At Your Super Bowl Party

Try these chicken wings during the big game, or any other time. offers a wide variety of recipes, tips, and tricks for everyone from the novice griller to the die-hard outdoor chef. The barbecue chefs at Broil King have developed this recipe for delicious grilled wings.



Barbecued Chicken Wings -- Surefire Super Bowl Winners!

Grilling chicken wings is an easy way to feed a crowd on Super Bowl Sunday. How to grill them can be a challenge. The grilling experts at Broil King have some tips to make your life easier when it comes to preparing delicious grilled chicken wings.


'Fig'ure Out How to Get Figs Into Your Diet

Figs are tasty fruits that boast many health benefits. They can be an important component of a balanced diet.
Figs have been grown and enjoyed for centuries. Native to the Middle East, figs grow on a ficus tree and come in different varieties. The fruit ranges dramatically in color and subtly in texture depending on the variety enjoyed. Turkey, Greece and even California are the top fig producers in the world.