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Desiccant not so dangerous

Parents fret over many of the items kids come into contact with, particularly small objects that can present choking hazards or items that may be poisonous. One common thing that often turns up in a home are packets of silica gel.
Silica gel is a desiccant, which means it is designed to draw moisture


Jewelry buyers' guide

You can't buy love, but on Valentine's Day those in love certainly like to treat the special people in their lives to some lavish tokens of affection. According to the National Retail Federation's Valentine's Day Consumer Spending Survey, Americans spend an estimated $19 billion on gifts, flowers, dinners, and more come Valentine's Day.


Getting Sick a High Price To Pay for Straight Hair

Women have long gone to great lengths to change the texture of their hair. Those with straight hair will curl and perm to achieve wavy locks, while individuals with a mane of curls often desire sleekness not easily achieved without blow-drying and processing. Women who have been undergoing popular treatments to enjoy straight, sleek hair may be realizing some serious, unwanted side effects as a result.
For some time now, women have been flocking to area salons to undergo straightening treatments that promise long-lasting results in minimal time. 


Revitalize your wardrobe on a budget

Clothing styles change on a whim according to what trend forecasters see as the "it" items of the season. People looking to keep abreast of certain styles or just maintain a fresh supply of different wardrobe options may find that replenishing a closet can be an expensive venture. But it doesn't have to be.
Those without a set budget may be able to afford monthly shopping trips to add new pieces to a wardrobe.


Enhance your bust without surgery

Many women are concerned about their appearance, and often the size of their bust is a cause for their concern. Those who seek a more curvaceous bustline have different options beyond surgery to achieve their desired looks.
What determines breast size?