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Begin planning kids' summer recreation now

Many families spend winter figuring out how to chase away cabin fever and endure frigid temperatures until spring and summer mercifully return. Parents thinking ahead to swimming pools and days lounging on the beach can put their daydreams to practical use by planning ahead for their youngsters' summer vacations.


Making Oral Care Fun for Kids Year-Round

Children's oral care is something many parents are concerned about year-round, but there are also several times during the year when oral care is especially important. For example, Halloween, the winter holidays, Valentine's Day and Easter are all large candy-eating times in the year, making it essential to take the time now to teach children the importance of maintaining good oral health.


Get the facts on bronchiolitis

Parents have likely heard about bronchitis. But another respiratory infection, bronchiolitis, gets far less attention.
Bronchiolitis is an infection of the small tubes inside of the lungs (bronchioles) that is caused by a virus and generally affects young children during the autumn and winter months.


8 ways to create new holiday traditions

Much of what makes the holiday season so special is the traditions that people hold dear. While families have traditions that stretch back decades, there is plenty of opportunity to embrace new means of celebration to breathe new life into Christmas, Chanukkah or


Protect kids from poor environmental factors in the year ahead

As many across the globe adopt more eco-friendly lifestyles, protecting the environment remains a top priority. The popularity of hybrid cars continues to rise while more and more communities are