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Valentine's night out planning pointers

Many couples go out for a night on the town in celebration of Valentine's Day. Romance typically prevails on such nights, but there's more to planning Valentine's Day dates than just roses and chocolate. The following are a few tips to make sure this year's Valentine's Day date night goes off without a hitch.


Host A Fun Valentine's Day Party For Kids

Valentine's Day is often a time for adult couples to show their affection. But Valentine's Day is a fun time for kids, too. Kids often enjoy handing out and receiving Valentine's Day cards, and parents often enjoy seeing their kids' crushes. 


Score Big With Guests At Your Super Bowl Party

Try these chicken wings during the big game, or any other time. offers a wide variety of recipes, tips, and tricks for everyone from the novice griller to the die-hard outdoor chef. The barbecue chefs at Broil King have developed this recipe for delicious grilled wings.



Barbecued Chicken Wings -- Surefire Super Bowl Winners!

Grilling chicken wings is an easy way to feed a crowd on Super Bowl Sunday. How to grill them can be a challenge. The grilling experts at Broil King have some tips to make your life easier when it comes to preparing delicious grilled chicken wings.


Best Food Choices for a Crowd

Some people cringe at the thought of hosting a crowd, not because of the people, but because they don't know where to start regarding food.

Cooking or catering for a crowd doesn't have to be a stressful situation when food choices are made based on what can fill the bellies of guests in the easiest fashion. Here are some pointers that can get any host or hostess started.