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Moving Daylight

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Windows are a great way to bring light into the home, but unfortunately walls and doors often stop that light from moving throughout the house. To continue daylight's natural flow in the home, designer Sherry Mitchell, IIDA, recommends incorporating acrylic block panels, door inserts and partition walls throughout rooms in the house.

"Daylight adds energy and warmth to a home, so why stop it from penetrating the entire house?" says Mitchell. "I've specified Hy-Lite/U S Block Window acrylic block products for many projects when homeowners desire natural light in hallways and interior rooms. These lightweight products add a decorative style to the interior of the home while promoting the flow of light."

In addition to brightening the interior of the home, moving daylight through the house can also help save on energy bills. The natural lighting that comes into the home through energy-efficient windows can reduce the use of electric lights in the home's interior, thus saving on energy costs.

Mitchell believes the addition of "positive diffused daylight" into the home can be achieved with acrylic block products that help reduce homeowner energy needs while also protecting the privacy of the home's occupants. "You can have an acrylic block door insert in a home office that keeps the room private but allows the light to softly diffuse into the hallway," says Mitchell. "I've also seen room dividers created out of acrylic block panels that provide a distinct barrier between the dining room and kitchen, but still allows natural light to flow through."

For more information on acrylic block windows, walls, door inserts and other decorative items in the home, visit SH102079