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I predict Marshall’s football season: Am I Nostradamus long lost very distant grandson?

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My prediction will be apart of the public domain, so if I’m wrong I will look like an idiot. I pulled up Marshall’s 2011 football schedule. Here is my prediction for their season.

9/4/11: Marshall vs. WVU.This is the first game as a head coach for Dana Holgorsen. Marshall won’t really know what kind of offensive plays WVU will run. Yes Marshall can look at the tapes of previous games that 

Holgorsen has coached, but he was an offensive coordinator then, now he’s the head coach. I think WVU will come out on fire, and dominate the game. Marshall will put up some points too, the final score:


WVU 42          Marshall 28


9/10/11 Southern Mississippi vs. Marshall

I don’t know if this is an upset but I think Marshall will win this game. It is a home game for Marshall, and I think Marshall’s defense will be the catalyst for winning this game.

Marshall 24      South. Miss 21


9/17/11 Marshall vs. Ohio

An old rivalry equals a great game. I never thought Frank Solich was a good coach at Nebraska. He was given the keys to a kingdom and squandered it. I am impressed at what he has done at Ohio, they won’t ever be a powerhouse, but they can be competitive, but they will lose. Marshall’s defense will force turnovers, and shut down the run.

Marshall 28      Ohio 17


9/24/11 Virginia Tech vs. Marshall

Sorry Marshall you’re gonna lose!

VT 38              Marshall 17


10/1/11 Marshall vs. Louisville

This is the hardest game for me to pick. I think these teams are equal in almost everyway. This will be a close game; it will come down to a field goal late in the game. I am unsure of who will win, but because it is a home game for Louisville I’m going to pick them.

UL 31              Marshall 28


10/8/11 Marshall vs. UCF.

Marshall will win, I have no clue why but they will. Since I’m just guessing I think Marshall will roll this team. UCF is overrated. The humidity won’t bother Marshall and since UCF is a run orientated team Marshall will crush them.

Marshall 45      UCF 24


10/15/2011 Rice vs. Marshall

I don’t trust a school named after food. I know a few years ago they had a decent team but that was in the past. Marshall is now on a win streak, but next week they play Houston.

            Rice 14            Marshall 31


10/22/11 Marshall vs. Houston

Houston’s Case Keenum is a beast. If he stays healthy he is going to break some big time NCAA career passing records this year. Marshall’s win streak ends, it ugly too.

            Marshall 17      Houston 45

10/29/11 UAB vs. Marshall

The only team worse than UAB that Marshall plays is Memphis. It’s a home game; it might be cold, UAB folds after the 3rd quarter.

            UAB 13           Marshall 30


11/12/11 Marshall vs. Tulsa

This is the second hardest game to pick. Tulsa has a new coach. Yes they have a great passing game, but they can’t run the ball. College football has changed, it’s all about the spread offense and points. Here comes a shootout, Tulsa wins.

            Marshall 35      Tulsa 45

11/17/11 Marshall vs. Memphis

Memphis might be the worst program in FBS. I know Western Kentucky is bad too, but they just started playing FBS football in the past few years. Marshall redeems their season.

            Marshall 31      Memphis 10

11/26/11 East Carolina vs. Marshall.

A bowl bid is on the line for both schools in this game. The whole game is back and forth. People actually stay and watch the whole game, and don’t leave at halftime. It’s 24 to 24 in the forth quarter; Marshall has just forced ECU to punt. Marshall now has the ball on it’s on 35 and it’s third and 5. Marshall is in a Trips formation, ECU is coming with an all out blitz, but it doesn’t matter because Marshall is throwing a deep ball. ECU brings six guys to blitz but our quarterback takes a three steps drop fires the ball as far as he can throw it, the receivers and defensive back both go for the ball it bounces off the ECU corner backs shoulder pads, right into the hands of another Marshall receiver, he catches it run 20 yards and scores. Marshall wins, and is bowl eligible.

            ECU 24           Marshall 31

Ok so this is all speculation, obviously. However, I think if Marshall can get six wins, get to a bowl game and play well they are setting themselves up for a really good and breakthrough season in 2012. It takes time to build a program; it takes a few years to get the kinds players you need that fit into what you want the program to be. If Marshall can get six wins, they are making the progress they need too, and will have a chance to win Conference USA in 2012.