FYI Huntington

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My cat, Mr. Pickles, objects!

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Congratulations on Huntington for winning the dog park. I think it is really great how the community came together and supported this project. However, I have a few questions. Is this just a park for dogs? What if I bring a cat to the dog park, will the dogs be offended?

If I do bring a cat to the dog park do I have to put my cat on a leash? I don’t want to be the weird guy at the dog park with a cat on a leash. It doesn’t look right when a cat is on a leash, it is unnatural. If a cat and a dog get into a fight will there be a referee there to break it up?  Will dog lovers look down on me for brining a cat? Can I bring my iguana to the dog park? Will he be allowed to roam the grass without being harassed? What if I have a trained hawk, is he allowed to dive bomb people at will?

I am not sure why this project was labeled “a dog park” but I have a theory. This is really about branding.  Branding the park as a Dog park is specific. Branding the park as a pet park, it is not spefiic. Pet is a broad term. A pet can be anything from a bear to a rock. We all know Americans love dogs they are man’s best friend.  Cats seem to be very controversial, people either love them or they think cats are arrogant and prissy. I don’t know of anyone that says “cats…they are ok”.

Cat lovers seem defensive when they tell people “I love my cat”. People usually respond by saying “oh I’m a dog lover.” Then there is an awkward pause between the two people while they are trying to figure out what to say to each other next. Snoopy is cooler than Garfield too, if you disagree this will only add to a long running debate. Just as there is a rivalry between cats and dogs, the same can be said for dog owners and cat owners.

Nevertheless, when I think of the term “a park” I think of inclusion for everyone. I hope all pets can come to the park. I’m excited for the dog park but I suggest you don’t wear open toed shoes down there, it’s just common sense.