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Say 'I Do' to Beautiful Color

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"Gems are the flowers of the mineral kingdom and the fancy colored diamond is the orchid." -- Rene Just Hauey, crystallographer
Engagements, weddings, anniversaries -- these are the moments in our lives that make up so many of our strongest memories. Part of the reason these special occasions are so memorable is due to the lengths we go to set them apart from others -- including the traditions and gifts used to mark the events.
Jewelry is an integral part of relationship ceremonies and celebrations. We seek the brightest and the best in gems as a testament to our love and devotion. However, in the quest for something unique and breathtaking, many couples or gift-givers overlook the one truly priceless item they can purchase ... natural colored diamonds.
White diamonds are often the gemstone of choice in engagement rings or anniversary bands, but there's something rarer that can make the ultimate statement: Natural colored diamonds.
According to historians, natural colored diamonds have been prized throughout the years for their rarity and appeal. The Hope diamond or the Pumpkin diamond have been coveted by the rich and famous, and it's often been colored diamonds that have adorned royalty and other fashion-forward individuals, such as Hollywood stars on the red carpet.
Natural colored diamonds are born in different diamond mines around the world. Their hues are formed by stray atoms present at the time of formation. Colors can range from very rare blues to pinks to yellows to chocolates. While diamonds are made to last forever, colored diamond mines are hard to come by and their stock isn't forever replenished. This contributes to the rarity of natural colored diamonds.
Incorporating natural colored diamonds into a jewelry collection is as easy as using your imagination. Plus, you can obtain a little help from "Color Man," Arthur Langerman and his daughter Natacha, colored diamond expert gemologists and proprietors of Langerman Diamonds ( Here are Natacha's tips for gifting and using natural colored diamonds:
* Propose with a colored diamond. Tie it into her favorite childhood color or even the color of her eyes.
* Make the "something blue" at your wedding a beautiful pendant necklace or earrings adorned with a rare, blue hued diamond.
* Tie a jewelry gift into his or her heritage. Irish eyes will be smiling with a green colored diamond. Or tell your loved one you consider him or her to be royalty with a regal purple diamond.
* Celebrate traditional anniversary milestones with colored diamonds. For example, "leather" on the 3rd anniversary can be a chocolate colored diamond, while "candy" on the 6th anniversary can be exemplified by a cotton candy pink colored diamond.
* Show her how much you care on your anniversary by offering colored diamonds that coordinate with the birthstones of your children.
* Gift him with a diamond ring or cufflinks that feature the colors of his favorite sports team.
Because a colored diamond's brilliance and color is best enhanced by expert stone cutting, one should only use reliable natural colored diamond gemologists for purchase. Langerman Diamonds is the go-to source on the subject of colored diamonds. The Web site features the first online encyclopedia of natural color diamonds, a blog, and now an incomparable online shop to buy the rarest of diamonds -- over 300 hues. Additionally, they have price points that cater to all types of buyers. 
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